Varicella vaccine

  • One dose (live) vial of varicella vaccine in a box with the solvent
  • Store at 2-8°C. Avoid sunlight exposure and contact with disinfectants
  • After reconstitution, use immediately


Attenuated live antiviral vaccine, derived from OKA strain grown on human diploid MRC-5 cells, supplied as a sterile white to creamy lyophilizate, turning milky white liquid after reconstitution. It is administered subcutaneously for the purpose of active immunization to prevent the incidence of varicella between the age of 1-12 years. Internationally accepted vaccination schedule:

    • The first dose at 12-18 months of age;
    • The second dose is administered until the age of 4 years and provided at least 3 months after the first dose has passed.
    • Catch-up doses up to 12 years of age for those who have not previously been vaccinated.

Each acceptable dose of the reconstituted vaccine for humans contains 0.5 mL of:

    • At least 1400 PFU of attenuated varicellazoster virus (OKA strain).

The product has contraindications.
Consult a specialist before use.