Pharm Aid Ltd.

About Us

Pharm Aid is the leading supplier of rotavirus vaccine in Russia today. The company was founded in 2017 to facilitate access of residents of Russia and CIS countries to the best infectious diseases prevention and treatment regimens. We plan to achieve this goal relying on partnership with the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies and the transfer of innovative products and technologies from them to the Russian Federation.
We strive to build a modern biopharmaceutical production complex in Russia. It will become one of the country’s largest full-cycle production centers for recombinant, live, inactivated antiviral, antibacterial, and other immunobiological medicines. Pharm Aid will provide a wide range of innovative multicomponent drugs produced domestically using technologies obtained from our partners from Russia-friendly countries that are world leaders in the field.


Our unique production complex will make high-tech medicines available and affordable to the Russian population using the practices of the best Russian and world biotech companies.

Today, Pharm Aid is the leading supplier of rotavirus vaccine in Russia. It plans to launch the production of a meningococcal vaccine, a vaccine for the prevention of human papillomavirus, and a varicella vaccine.
Sustainability is at the heart of everything we plan and do at Pharm Aid,
ensuring we execute our actions responsibly towards each of our following stakeholders:


We strive to improve the lives of our employees and their families by creating safe and inclusive workplace, maintaining mutual trust and respect.

Patients and health care professionals

We only offer products and therapeutic regimens that are best-in-class and meet the highest standards of efficacy and safety. The production quality is monitored by means of state-of-the-art infrastructure.


We localize products, processes and intellectual property from the best companies in the world, which enables us to bring innovative drugs to market faster and make them more affordable to consumers.
We also work with numerous distribution partners, maintaining end-to-end stability throughout the supply chain and thereby fulfilling our commitment to the availability and highest quality of our products.


We take responsibility for nature conservation, analyze and monitor the impact of our activities on the environment.


The company’s management team are professionals with extensive experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing, entrepreneurs and innovators who are confident in the success of Pharm Aid Ltd.
Board of Directors
Debadutta Mishra
Azamat Metov
Director General
Sanjeev Nanda
Aleksandr Larin
Deputy Director General for Economics
and Finance
Yuriy Erokhin
Deputy Director General for Construction
Aleksander Vlasov
Deputy General Director for Development and Production
Valeria Zhiglova
Director of Project Department
Aleksander Shapovalov
Sales Director
Temirlan Zhilov
Deputy Director General for Legal Issues


Pharm Aid is an ambitious progressive pharmaceutical company established in 2017 as a joint venture between Ishvan Pharmaceuticals Ltd and independent directors. We are well set on our path to be a leading regional research and development center and a full-cycle producer for multiple novel and emerging vaccines and immuno-biopharmaceutical therapies. As a result, we are playing a pivotal role in the development and  modernization of the  national pharmaceutical industry in accordance with the Russian Federation’s strategy to achieve indigenization and self-reliance in vaccines and essential drugs.

Despite being a fledgling company, we are a dynamic organization constantly in pursuit of progress, with our sights firmly set on our fundamental motivation – a desire to improve access to best-in-class treatment options for Russia and the CIS, touching the lives of all who use our products.

Compelled by the belief that ‘alone we can do so little,  together we can do so much’ and recognizing the  disparity in locally available, affordable treatment  options, we have set  ourselves on a mission to bridge this gap through  partnering with the world’s best biopharmaceutical institutions to bring in innovative products and technology.


We are in the process of establishing a modern biopharmaceutical R&D and production complex in Russia, offering the country its first and largest full-cycle, fully-integrated recombinant, live and inactivated viral and  bacterial vaccine and  antibody development and manufacturing facility. Pharm Aid will produce a wide range of innovative multi-component products developed and  manufactured in the country via technology and IP in-licensed from our partners who are pioneers in this sphere.

Alongside the success of our partnerships and our responsibility to fostering Russia’s self-reliance in immunobiological therapies and other critical treatment needs, we also aspire to be a leading global hub for research and innovation. We plan to expand our influence across multiple emerging biopharmaceutical therapy areas, as well as in the domains of medical devices, novel diagnostics, and other priorities that affect a positive health outcome.


Inside our bespoke, high-tech facility, our approach to R&D ism to combine the best practices available in Russian and global  biotechnology companies to increase the accessibility of quality treatments for the population of Russia.

Drawing on local and  international expertise across the entire spectrum of the research, development and commercialization value chain allows us to deliver on this mission and develop and produce new  sustainable and affordable drugs domestically, providing significant financial savings for the Federal healthcare budget in Russia.


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we plan and do at Pharm Aid, ensuring we execute our actions responsibly towards each of our following stakeholders:


We are committed to enriching the lives of our employees and their families by providing a safe and inclusive workplace that fosters mutual trust, respect, innovation, empowerment and continuous enrichment. We believe that happy, empowered, and motivated employees will go the extra mile to fulfil our promise to our other stakeholders and to society at large.


We offer only the best-in-class products and therapies, which meet the highest proven standards of safety and efficacy, across multiple geographies. They are rigorously produced and tested within state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure a healthier tomorrow for the population we serve.


We in-license product and process technology, and Intellectual Property from the world’s best so we are equipped to introduce innovative and affordable drugs and therapies into the market faster.
We also work with numerous channel partners and maintain end-to-end supply chain integrity as part of our commitment to accessibility and quality.


We help the communities we operate in by providing job opportunities, analysing and regulating the impact of our operations on the environment, and by  effectively coordinating with all local authorities for emergency preparedness and risk mitigation.


We understand that good health can’t wait. We are responsible for providing access to innovative treatment options at an affordable price to ensure that federal budgets and out-of-pocket expenses are spent well. For our shareholders who have invested in our mission, this purpose precedes profits.

We are committed to upholding the trust extended to us. We maintain the utmost operational integrity and transparency, sharing up-to date information on the company and its performance to enable our investors and shareholders to make informed decisions.


Pharm Aid’s corporate culture aims to foster a goal-oriented and results-oriented atmosphere of mutual support and integrity.

Our core values:

  • We share responsibility
  • We promote innovation;
  • We are meticulous and professional in our planning and execution;
  • We encourage trust and mutual respect.


Pharm Aid is a dynamic company where employees determine their own future and professional development. Our team solves ambitious tasks and achieves top results.